More layoffs in northeast B.C.

There's more bad news in the province's northeast. Layoffs at the Quintette coal mine are adding to an exodus from the resource community of Tumbler Ridge. Almost one-quarter of the mine's workforce will lose their jobs.

The Asian appetite for coal is in decline and companies have massive reserves of the commodity still waiting to be shipped overseas. At the Quintette mine in Tumbler Ridge that means production will have to be scaled back and jobs will be lost. "We've recognized our manpower has to be adjusted by roughly 20-25%, reducing our workforce from 625 to 500 employees," said Russ Hallbauer of Teck corporation, the mine's parent company.

Earlier this year, close to 70 layoff notices were issued at Bullmoose, the other coalmine in Tumbler Ridge. Factor in massive layoffs from last year and it adds up to a huge drop in the community's population. After the large layoffs a year ago. That was about 1100 people reduced in a matter of six months or so," said Fred Banham of the District of Tumbler Ridge.