Yvon Lambert

Yvon Lambert pictured with his missing 1976 Stanley Cup ring. (CBC)

Montreal Canadiens legend Yvon Lambert is asking for the public’s help to find his missing 1976 Stanley Cup ring.

The prized ring, from the first of Lambert’s four consecutive Stanley Cup wins with the Montreal Canadiens, was lost on Thursday while he was out for dinner on St-Laurent Boulevard in Montreal.

"It’s an important ring, not just to me, but to my family – I have two daughters and seven grandchildren," he said. "It’s worth quite a bit of money, but the money is not the principal thing. It’s my first one and a nice gift from the [Montreal Canadiens] organization."

Lambert told CBC Radio's Homerun that he signed a few autographs at the restaurant and shook hands with a few people over the course of the evening.

It was nothing out of the ordinary for the popular Habs veteran, until he noticed his ring was gone.

"I was having dinner and all of a sudden I looked at my hand and said, 'Oh geez — I don’t have my ring,'"he said.

Lambert went back to the bathroom to see if he left it there and then looked around the restaurant, but came up empty.

"It must have slipped because I don’t think I left it in the bathroom or something like that."

Lambert said he'll personally thank the person who finds it.

"I hope that if someone finds it, not to be shy, to give me a call or to give it to the police. I’ll take care of the person," he said.

Lambert played eight seasons with the Montreal Canadiens and scored 200 goals.