The good news keeps coming for Yvette Vachon.

The 91-year-old woman from Saguenay, Que., made headlines across the country in the last two weeks, after police ticketed her $148 because her noisy rocking chair and TV volume was bothering a neighbour.

After a high-profile lawyer took on her case, police cancelled the ticket.

This week, Vachon got a surprise at her door.

"I'm very moved. I was never expecting this," she said after receiving a $2,500 electric recliner — free of charge.

IMG recliner

This is the $2,500 electric recliner that IMG delivered to Vachon for free. (IMG )

The chair was delivered by Norwegian furniture company IMG Norway.

"She's 91 years old, so she's allowed to have the rest of her life to be happy and not to be disturbed at 10 o'clock at night because somebody's complaining about noise," said Michele Champoux, IMG's Quebec sales representative.

Vachon told CBC News she's thrilled with her new chair.

"It's very comfortable — and very quiet."