A youth court judge has denied bail to a Dorval boy who is charged with manslaughter in the shooting of his brother in January.

The older teen, 16, died Jan. 24 after being shot in the head at his family's home in the suburb on Montreal's West Island.

The younger brother, who was 12 at the time of the shooting, is awaiting trial for manslaughter and possession of a prohibited firearm.  He appeared before Judge Dominique Wilhelmy earlier today.

She said the public would lose confidence in the justice system if the teenager were released.

She ticked through a list of reasons for denying bail to the 13-year-old.  She said he lies, he carried a loaded Beretta pistol, and he abuses alcohol and drugs.

Wilhelmy said she's heard evidence that the teenager is either an angel or a delinquent. She described him as being "well-installed" in delinquent activities and a risk to public safety.

The teen is being held in a closed facility for young offenders.

"It's a closed setting. He stays there day and night," said Crown prosecutor Marie-Claude Bourassa. "He cannot leave the center, but he can have family visits…and he goes to school."

Bourassa said she expects the trial to get underway within a few months.

The maximum sentence, generally reserved for the most serious offenders, is three years in closed custody.