It’s almost Valentine’s Day and love is all around us.

To celebrate, Homerun caught up with three Montreal couples and asked them about their relationships: how did they meet? Who asked who out? When did they realize they had something really special?

Meet the couples here and share your own Montreal love story.

Andrea and Alyson

Andrea and Alyson1:45

Andrea Nugent and Alyson Huntly met in church (“that’s always my dating advice… church,” jokes Alyson.) They’ve been together for 14 years now.

Sherley and Clove

Sherley and Clove1:53

Sherley Joseph and Clove Roy met in high school in Toronto. At first, Sherley gave Clove “attitude,” but eventually he won her over. They’ve been together for 21 years and are the proud parents of three kids.

Sara and Adheip

Sara and Adheip1:16

Sara Chughtai and Adheip Pai are students at McGill University, and at first, they were just friends. Then, they started playing music together, studying together, grocery shopping together…and then they started dating. They’ve been together for nine months now.

Your Story

What's the most romantic thing you ever did for your partner? (or what was the most romantic thing you're partner ever did for you)? 

Adam Seward tells us his story:

Adam Seward

Adam Seward and his boyfriend Max Ferfati. (Submitted by Adam Seward)

 "The most romantic thing I did for my boyfriend was a last minute Valentine's Day dinner. I remember stressing so much tying to find the perfect place and making it a surprise for him. 

I tried calling and calling different places to only be told I was too late. Finally, I found one place which had been at the top of my list and told me they were able to fit me in. We had an amazing dinner and took a nice walk around old Montreal afterwards as he later shared some chocolates he had bought for me."

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