Youppi!, the fuzzy orange mascot of the Montreal Canadiens, will respect the terms of a bet with American late night television host Jimmy Fallon, even if he is really sad about it.

The Montreal Canadiens and Fallon bet on the outcome of the Habs-Rangers series. If Montreal lost, Fallon said, the hockey club would have to change its Twitter avatar to a picture of the television host's choice.

Youppi! Rangers jersey

Youppi! donned the New York Rangers jersey sent to him by Jimmy Fallon on a walk around Old Montreal on Saturday. (Alain Agostini/Montreal Poutine)

Fallon also stipulated that the Habs would have to tweet out 10 different pictures of Youppi! wearing a Rangers jersey around town. And finally, Youppi! will have to ride the mechanical bull at popular Montreal bar Chez Serge.

The bet between the Habs and Fallon came after a successful wager between Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh. As a result of that bet, Walsh had to fly a Canadiens' flag outside Boston City Hall.

Coderre also tried to get a similar bet going with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, but it was the Montreal Canadiens organization's bet with Fallon that captured Twitter users' attention.

Youppi! donned his Rangers jersey early on Saturday and walked through Old Montreal for the picture-taking component of the bet. Montreal Poutine owner Alain Agostini snapped a couple of photos of Youppi! during his walk of shame, betting the mascot's handlers his Twitter post would be more viral than theirs.

He made his way up St-Laurent Boulevard on Saturday afternoon, with fans capturing their encounters with the morose mascot.

During the Habs-Rangers series, Fallon posted a couple of photos on Instagram of him eating poutine and drinking a Molson beer meant to taunt Habs fans.