Young music producer finds niche in West Island

Connor Seidel may be only 20 years old, but his reputation in the Montreal music scene already has a solid foundation.

Connor Seidel's self-built studio showcases talents of local musicians

Meet Connor Seidel, a 20-year-old recording engineer and music producer on the West Island 1:58

Connor Seidel may be only 20 years old, but his reputation in the Montreal music scene already has a solid foundation. 

"I think I was 15 when I actually started charging bands to come into this studio and working with guys that at the time were 24, 25,” Seidel says.

Seidel set up his own studio, Evermoor Audio, in his parents' garage. Doing everything himself was a learning experience for the young producer, but the studio has quickly become the nexus of the burgeoning West Island music scene.

Seidel has recorded artists across most genres, giving some a shot at professional recording they may not have had otherwise without leaving the community. 

"There's so many young people that have talent, but they just haven't had a method to showcase it -– to have something to show that has design work behind it, that looks good, that sounds good,” he said.

Musician Matt Holubowski says it’s unusual to see someone who can find that niche across musical styles and who works to bring out the best in all his artists.

"When I found out he was 19, Ii was flabbergasted because he has more talent in one inch of him than I have ever seen in whole other people,” he said.

“It’s really great to work with somebody that you know, in 15 years, will be very well known.”


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