Rose is an award-winning Holstein from Montmagny, Que. (Pierre Boulet)

A Quebec Holstein billed as the world's most beautiful cow is appearing at a farm exposition in St-Hyacinthe, southeast of Montreal.

Rose, of Montmagny, near Quebec City, is the only cow in history to ever be named Grand Champion twice.

The Holstein was picked as Grand Champion at the World Dairy Expo in 2008 and 2009.

She has won a grand total of 37 prizes since she began her public career in 2006.

Her shiny, black coat and beautiful white spots helped her score points, but what really sets her apart is her large, highly productive udder.

She excels at what concerns Holstein judges the most – milk production.

Rose has a world-class udder, criss-crossed with what looks like a roadmap of thick veins.

She's expected to remain on display at the fair in St-Hyacinthe for 11 days, along with two of her calves — also expected to become champions.