A man who witnessed a crash unfold south of Montreal says he did his best to signal to a woman who was driving in the wrong direction, but wasn't able to stop her before she collided with two other vehicles.

The 76-year-old driver was heading in the wrong direction on Highway 930 West in Candiac, Que., on Monday evening, when she hit two other vehicles around 7:10 p.m. ET.

The woman remains in hospital in critical condition.

The two other drivers — a 61-year-old man and a 35-year-old man — suffered serious injuries, but are expected to recover.

Saint-Constant resident Cédric Gaudet says he spotted the car headed the wrong way a few moments before the crash, and caught it on camera.

Gaudet and his friends were driving on the opposite side of the highway, and followed the woman for about two kilometres, trying to catch her attention.

"Vehicles going in the opposite direction flashed their lights at her, we honked our horn ... but she didn't seem to react. She even started to accelerate," he said. 

Cédric Gaudet

Saint-Constant resident Cédric Gaudet says he and his friends tried to catch the drivers' attention, but she continued to drive in the wrong direction on Highway 930 West. (Radio-Canada)

"I tried to signal to her through our sun roof, and at one point I made eye contact with her, but she didn't seemed bothered by it at all."

Gaudet, who hopes to become a firefighter someday, watched helplessly as the collision unfolded.

He and his friends rushed to the scene of the crash to help the victims. 

He said he spoke with police and shared his video with investigators. 

Quebec provincial police are investigating.

Google Map of 45.373119, -73.506349 The collision happened in Candiac, south of Montreal.