Surfers catching waves in the Lower St. Lawrence have been able to do some January surfing near Rimouski thanks to the mild winter weather.

Jean-Christophe Girard-Lemay was able to go surfing in the Ste-Flavie area.

"It's pretty unusual," he told All in a Weekend of surfing in January.

ice water

Surfers don't usually have access to the water in January because it is too icy. (Jean-Christophe Girard-Lemay)

"Last year, I was surfing on Christmas day but usually in January, most of the time, we can't even access the water because it's too icy out there."

Girard-Lemay says it's not the temperature of the water that keeps them from surfing, it's the ice.

"The difference in temperature between summer and winter really isn't that bad. It's always cold," he said.

"But the ice. We can't get by that."


Ice within the waves of the Lower St. Lawrence. (Jean-Christophe Girard-Lemay)

Girard-Lemay combines his love of surfing with his love of photography, capturing the crest of waves whether it's in Ste-Flavie or in Maine.

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