The new head of the Welcome Hall Mission hopes to bring new energy to combating homelessness and supporting Montreal's working poor.

"What we'd really like to do is see if we can put an end to hunger in Montreal," new executive director Sam Watts said.

Along with welcoming its new leader, The Welcome Hall Mission is celebrating 125 years of "helping society's considered outcasts," its history page reads.

The new CEO and executive director takes over from Cyril Morgan, who held the position for 13 years.

"[In a year I hope] we are much more advanced than where we are in terms of tackling the homelessness issue." Watts said.

"And that we have some fresh ideas about how we deal with the working poor in Montreal."

What does the Mission do?

The Mission offers a variety of services, including an overnight emergency shelter and the largest direct-to-the-public food bank.

It also provides transitional housing to people trying to get off the street permanently.

Watts says he is excited about his new position.

"When I received a phone call from the board asking me if I'd be interested, it reminded me a little bit of maybe if somebody got a phone call from the Montreal Canadiens saying, 'Would you like to coach,'" Watts said. 

"As we know, the Canadiens are a great franchise, great organization, that's well-recognized in Montreal. Welcome Hall is much the same way: well-recognized, great team and great service to the community."