Large circular water fountains attached to two fire hydrants in the Plateau-Mont-Royal borough have been removed just a week after their installation.

Fire hydrant Montreal

This fire hydrant at the corner of De Brébeuf and Mont-Royal is now Borneo-less after it took the Montreal fire department more than two minutes to unhook it. (Sarah Leavitt/CBC)

The Borneo water fountain system was developed by the Association of Quebec Industrial Designers. The large ring-shaped metal contraption is meant to be attached to fire hydrants to provide public drinking fountains.

Two of them were attached to fire hydrants on the corners of Mont-Royal Avenue and De Brébeuf and Mont-Royal and St-Laurent last week as part of a pilot project, for which the fire department had approved their use.

However, the fire department then ordered the fountains be removed this week.

In some tests conducted by firefighters, it took more than two minutes to remove the fountains and attach fire hoses.

The Montreal fire department is currently evaluating whether less cumbersome drinking fountain devices could be installed.

It is expected to give its answer to the borough on Friday.