A West Island lacrosse team has been pulled from the championships by its own coach for fear of excessive violence.

Coach Ken Cave told CBC News reporter Douglas Gelevan that he feared his career would be over by pulling his team out of a best-of-five series, but he couldn’t risk having any of his other players hurt.

Cave says a violent body slam during the championship series between the Montreal Nationals and and Aigles de Windsor helped him realize the sport has become too violent.

As his voice chokes with emotion, Ken describes his difficult decision.

"I believe that will end my coaching career, by pulling a championship-capable team out of a championship," he says, holding back tears.


Coach Ken Cave says he couldn't risk having any of his players injured. (CBC)

"But when I see them walking down the street, when I see them playing with their kids, I know that I’ve done the right thing."

However, the president of the Quebec Junior Lacrosse league, Ghislain Roy, told CBC's Daybreak he isn't concerned about the violence.

"I’ve seen the games, and I just don’t see it," he says.

Roy said lacrosse is a physical sport, and the other teams in the league think Cave's concerns are "unjustified."

"There are isolated events of things that shouldn’t happen, but usually those players are sanctioned," he said.

While Roy admits that the team pulling out of the finals could hurt the league's image, he says there isn't much he can do about it.