Winemakers praise climate of Montreal's North Shore

There are more than a dozen vineyards north of Montreal between Oka and Repentigny, and the number of bottled products is growing every year.

Dozens of vineyards between Oka and Repentigny finding success

Vignoble Rivière du Chêne in Saint-Eustache. (Radio-Canada)

There are more than a dozen vineyards in Montreal's North Shore — from Oka to Repentigny — and the number of bottled products is growing every year.

"People think that because we are more north, it is colder, but that's false," said Mario Plante, the co-owner of Vignoble Négondos in Mirabel.

"In terms of heat, we are pretty much identical with the Montérégie. We have hills and rocky ground. it's interesting."

Carole Desrochers, the other co-owner of Négondos, says the land is perfect for cultivating grapes.

"We produce about 8,000 bottles year to year and for the past two years. We've also produced sparkling wine," she said.

According to Daniel Lalande, the owner of Vignoble Rivière du Chêne in Saint-Eustache, the lower Laurentians climate is comparable to that of other wine-producing countries.

"During production period, we have the same number of days that have the same temperature as that in New Zealand," he said.

Rivière du Chêne is the second-largest wine producer in Quebec. It has 21 hectares of vines in production and produces around 11,500 cases of wine per year.

Michel Levac, the owner of Vignoble Oka, says the lower Laurentians gets more snow than the Montérégie which actually helps the vines in the off-season.

All the owners agree; the ideal climate of the area contributes to the success they are having with their products.

Translated from Radio-Canada


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