Verdun residents hold fundraiser for holiday fire victims

A fire that ravaged an apartment building on 1st Avenue on Christmas Day forced 50 people from their homes.

Volunteers, bands from community hope to collect money for homeless families

Several bands volunteered to perform at a concert fundraiser for victims of a fire in Verdun. The borough has also been collecting clothes, toys and money. (CBC)

Verdun residents are holding a concert today to raise money for families left homeless by a Christmas Day fire.

Cyndi Turner, the organizer of the fundraiser, says that bands immediately called her to volunteer after she pitched the idea on Facebook.

"Verdun is a tight community," said Turner. "It's like family. Something happens to somebody and everyone pitches in."

A fire that ravaged an apartment building on 1st Avenue on Dec. 25, 2015 forced 50 people from their homes.

No one was injured but many were left with no place to go.

Community comes together

The event has not only garnered the support of musical acts but Turner says many Verdun residents volunteered their time.

Volunteer Jason Boudreau says he hopes that victims of the fire know that they are not alone.

"Don't worry about what happened to your homes and just know that people are there looking out for you," Boudreau said.

Residents were forced to flee their homes on Christmas Day. (Jean-Claude Taliana/Radio-Canada)

Organizers are expecting at least up to 500 guests throughout the day. 

The money raised from the $10 tickets and a raffle will be given to a foundation for the victims started by Verdun borough mayor Jean-François Parenteau.

In December, Parenteau called for donations of clothes, toys and furniture for residents whose homes were damaged.

Volunteers had gathered around 700 boxes of goods by Dec. 29.



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