Fruit and vegetable prices in Montreal are falling back to earth – and through the floor in certain cases – after a spike in December saw cauliflower selling for $8.

A drought in California was mainly to blame for the high price, but crops in the Golden State are sprouting once again and the price of cauliflower is now back to around $2 or less around the Montreal area.

Javed Iqbal Sheikh, who owns the Fruiterie Mile-End on Parc Avenue in the city's Plateau–Mont-Royal borough, said prices for most fruits and veggies started dropping about three weeks ago and are now "cheaper than normal."

High prices back in December led to a drop in consumption and producers ended up overstocked — a situation that is now benefiting consumers, Sheikh said.

"Everything is down," he said.

Sheikh's store had cauliflowers on sale for 99 cents just the other day, he said.

"It was beautiful too — better than when it was selling for $10. Same thing for broccoli," he said.

Sheikh said the price drop is also affecting some organic vegetables, like organic celery that is selling for $1 and organic broccoli for $1.99.

"The customers are cheering," he said.

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