The Quebec government is applauding the work of the province's anti-corruption squad after the arrests of two men, including a director at the Public Security Ministry.

After several months of investigating, UPAC officers arrested Abdelaziz Younsi, an information technology director at the province's public security ministry.

They also arrested businessman Mohamed El Khayat, who is the president and co-founder of IT company Informatique EBR

Both face charges of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and breach of trust.

Suspected scheme

Robert Lafrenière, the head of Quebec’s anti-corruption unit, said the two men allegedly set up a scheme so that El Khayat's company would get a $3.3 million contract.

Abdelaziz Younsi

Abdelaziz Younsi, an IT director at the Quebec's Public Security Ministry, was relieved of his duties following Friday's arrest. (Radio-Canada)

“It's … to get the contract, money and other things, and after that they have a [kickback]

for M. Younsi, the technology director,” he said, adding that the squad began investigating in August after getting a tip from an employee.

Mohamed El Khayat

Mohamed El Khayat was arrested Friday on charges of fraud, conspiracy to commit fraud and breach of trust. (Radio-Canada)

​Lafrenière said he is confident government information was not compromised.

Public Security Minister Lise Thériault commended the person who came forward.

“All too often people see things, and don’t denounce them,” Thériault said.

Police said the value of the alleged fraud was $400,000.

Younsi has been relieved of his duties at the ministry.

Younsi and El Khayat are scheduled to appear in court on Sept. 8.