Quebec's anti-corruption unit, UPAC, has made a number of high-profile arrests in connection with alleged illegal campaign financing.

The arrests targeted high-profile members of the Quebec Liberal Party are related to illegal campaign financing. Two members of the Parti Québécois are also implicated. 

Here's a rundown of who was arrested.

Nathalie Normandeau, former Liberal deputy premier ​

Normandeau was Quebec's Liberal deputy premier from 2007 to 2011.

She appeared before the Charbonneau Commission in 2014. She was named 175 times in the 1700 page document. 

Normandeau hosts a radio show in Quebec City. She was suspended following Thursday's arrest. 

Marc-Yvan Coté, former longtime Liberal cabinet minister ​
Marc-Yvan Cote

Coté is a former longtime Liberal cabinet minister. who was first elected as an MNA for Matane in 1973.

He represented Charlesbourg from 1983 to 1994, serving in the cabinet as transport minister and minister of health and social services.

Coté was also one of 10 federal Liberals expelled from the party while Paul Martin was prime minister for their roles in the sponsorship scandal.

He was also the vice-president of business development at engineering firm Roche ltée, now known as Norda Stelo. 

Bruno Lortie, ​Normandeau's former chief of staff 
Bruno Lortie

Lortie is Nathalie ​Normandeau's former chief of staff.

A Liberal party organizer for the 1997 election, he addressed the Gomery Commission in 2005 about envelopes he received in 1997 which contained $120,000 in cash.

France Michaud, former vice-president of Roche 
France Michaud

Michaud is also a former vice-president of Roche.

She was found guilty on several corruption-related charges in 2015 along with the ex-mayor of Boisbriand. The charges related to a cash-for-contracts scheme for a water-treatment facility.

Ernest Murray, former staffer for Pauline Marois 
Ernest Murray PQ fundraiser

Murray is a former staffer for Pauline Marois in her riding of Charlevoix.

He told the Charbonneau Commission in 2014 he asked for $10,000 dollars for Marois' campaign from Roche. 

François Roussy, former mayor of Gaspé 
Francois Roussy

​He's a former mayor of Gaspé and a former staffer of PQ MNA Gaétan Lelièvre.

Mario Martel, former CEO at Roche

Martel is a former chief executive officer at Roche. Earlier this week, UPAC filed criminal charges against Martel for tax evasion connected with political financing.