The children of a Montreal couple deported from Canada two months ago fear they may be the next to go.

The Sheikhs are originally from Pakistan, but they have lived in Montreal for almost eight years.

The family was split apart when Sabir Mohammed Sheikh and Seema Sheikh were deported for having lied on their refugee application when they entered Canada in 2001.


Sami Sheikh, 21, and his five-year old sister, Sabrina ((CBC))

They said they had been in Dubai for three years before arriving in Canada, when they had actually been there for 20 years.

Sami Sheikh 21, and his sister Ashra, 26, were forced to take on the role of caring for their five-year-old sister Sabrina after their parents were deported:

"As soon as they left, the whole house was a mess. We didn't know anything. So we had to call [them] every day to actually ask, 'Where's the bill? Where do you have to do this? What do you have to do with that?' " Sami said.

He said he and his sister have had to change jobs and readjust their schedules to be home for their younger sister:

"My dad cannot ... I don't know how he's surviving, because he cannot live without Sabrina. She's the favourite one. The other day he was crying, he was, like, 'I really miss you guys, and I want to come back.' "

The family's lawyer, Stewart Istvanffy, said the parents are challenging the deportation, and are staying at an apartment in New York while their file is reviewed.

"If we win at the Federal Court, the parents in New York City will be allowed to come back. And, if we lose, they could insist on deporting everybody,"

Istvanffy expects the hearing to take place in two to three months