Uber has launched a petition in hopes of convincing Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre to allow the company to continue operating in the city.

"Mayor Coderre's administration has made every effort to put the brakes on innovation and pressure Uber to cease operating in this great city," Uber said in an email sent out to clients on Thursday.

"If cities like Chicago, San Francisco and Washington have developed regulations for ride sharing, why can't Montreal?"

Uber is an application where you can order a taxi from any company straight from your mobile phone, allowing cab drivers who sign up to pick up additional fares they may not get through a dispatch service.

The mobile app launched in Montreal more than a year ago. Since then, both the provincial government and Coderre have called Uber illegal and threatened to shut it down.

Elsewhere in Canada, the legality of Uber has been challenged in court — something Uber Montreal is trying to avoid.

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