Will baseball return to Montreal in a Tampa Bay Rays uniform? Sports fans on social media say not a chance.

The twitterverse reacted to a report in Montreal's La Presse about backroom discussions that would see the Rays play half their home games in Montreal.

The idea of the Rays playing some of its home games in Montreal, if not outright relocating here, has been bandied about before, but this latest report takes the talk a step further. 

Unnamed investors, it says, would buy a 50 per cent stake in the team and have them play half their home games in Montreal.

The benefits of this, the article says, would be a smaller investment by the Montreal buyers and more ad revenues from two contracts.

Reactions to the story were incredulous, while others said it was the "Expos or nothing."

Matthew Ross, president of ExposNation, said his own sources at Major League Baseball dismissed the story as false.

There are many similarities between the Rays today and the Expos in their twilight years: they play in a substandard stadium, suffer from terrible attendance, and their best players keep leaving for more lucrative contracts.

Baseball fans even hoped that the Rays' woes would mean the team's relocation to Montreal and a return of the Expos. But with a new stadium on the way in Tampa, those hopes have been dashed.

The story is not entirely implausible. In 2003 the Expos played many of their home games in Puerto Rico. This displeased fans. But not all.

One person wondered if the Rays would be renamed "the Ex-Rays" if the deal did materialize.