Montreal commuters who live west of Décarie and head downtown will face detours and traffic headaches starting Monday.

The Saint-Jacques Street ramp that connects to the eastbound Ville-Marie Expressway will be permanently closed.

Transports Québec (TQ) says it's all part of the Turcot interchange reconstruction project.

"We're working on the intersections of St-Jacques, St-Rémi and Pullman. We need to lower this intersection. In order to do that, we need to dismantle the access ramp,” said TQ spokeswoman Caroline Larose.

Larose says although this is one of the busiest ramps, the MTQ won't be building a temporary one.

A new ramp will be built and open once the entire interchange project is completed by 2020.

Côte-des-Neiges—NDG, Sud-Ouest residents most affected

NDG city councillor Peter McQueen says that between the construction of the Turcot interchange and the new MUHC superhospital, people in his borough have had more than their share of traffic headaches.

He says the transport  ministry could have helped by delaying the closure of the Saint-Jacques access ramp.

“With the STM, we're working on a bus lane on Sherbrooke. It's been in the works for a year and a half. It's unfortunate that Transports Québec is so adamant that it's got to close next week — not in a month or two after we get the lane markings on the street,” McQueen said.

Sud-Ouest borough mayor Benoit Dorais says the borough will be installing instruction panels to guide drivers through the construction.

He urges commuters to stick to major arteries.

Transport Québec recommends drivers trying to get on the eastbound 720 use the de la Cathédrale entrance, which is farther east of the Saint-Jacques Street access ramp.

Description of the roadwork:

  • Rebuild Saint-Jacques St., between Décarie and the street that accesses the new MUHC superhospital
  • Demolish the Saint-Jacques St. entrance ramp for the 720E
  • Build a new section of Pullman Blvd., east of the interchange until Saint-Rémi St.
  • Reconstruct Saint-Rémi St. between Saint-Jacques St. and Turcot St., slightly offset from the existing Saint-Rémi intersection
  • Dismantle three buildings on Pullman St.
  • Build architectural and retaining walls
  • Build aqueducts
  • Pave and asphalt