Firefighters say a suspicious fire destroyed part of a former dairy in Trois-Rivières early Tuesday morning.

The fire broke out around 4 a.m. When firefighters arrived at the scene, the flames had already spread throughout much of the building.

At about 6 a.m., several explosions were heard at the scene. No injuries were reported.

Trois-Rivieres fire

The flames were so high they could be seen from Highway 40, a few blocks away. (Dominique Panebianco/Radio-Canada)

Firefighters were still on the scene dousing the ashes well into the daylight hours. Little of the three-storey building remains intact. 

The downtown area was blanketed by smoke, and the flames could be seen from Highway 40, roughly two blocks away.

Electricity was cut to the downtown area earlier in the morning but has since been restored to most customers.

The dairy belonged to Saputo when it was closed in 2014.