Montreal commuters, take note — two ramps on the Turcot Interchange are closing this week and they will stay closed until mid-November.

At 9:30 p.m. Sunday, Transports Québec will close the ramp leading from Highway 720 West to Highway 15 South.

Transports Québec suggests that drivers on the westbound 720 continue onto Highway 20 to use exit 67 (Notre-Dame/Angrignon). From there, drivers are told to turn around and get back onto Highway 20 East to connect to Highway 15 South.

Then, on Thursday, the ramp linking eastbound vehicles on Highway 20 to the northbound Décarie Expressway will close. In this instance, drivers are being encouraged to continue on Highway 20 East to the downtown/Guy Street exit. From there, drivers should get on Highway 720 westbound and use the Turcot Interchange from that direction.

Transports Québec spokesman Mario St-Pierre said the ramps will open in time for winter — before work begins again.

“In spring 2015, we will go there again to finish the work, so in spring 2015 these two ramps will be closed again,” St-Pierre said.