It's arguably the best job in the world, and it belongs to a 12-year-old boy from Quebec.

Émile Burbidge from St-Bruno, Que., which is about 20 kilometres east of Montreal,  has been chosen by Toys "R" Us Canada to be its new "chief play officer" for the next year.

This means he will be testing toys, sent from Toys "R" Us, and will give his feedback while taking part in media appearances for the company.

CBC's Homerun talked to Burbidge about why he was chosen.

Q: How did you get this job?

A: My mom found it online on the Toys "R" Us website, and I really wanted to do it. So I had to make a two-minute video with the help of my parents, talking about what's my favourite toy and why should I be the next CPO.

I said that my favourite toy was a pogo stick, and I tried to tell them that I like to talk in front of the cameras, I've played with different toys during my life, and other acting skills that I have.

And after sending that video, there was a finalist round, and I got chosen out of those 10 finalists.

Q: Why did you want the job?

A: I love toys. Toys are one of my passions, it always makes me happy to play with them. I wanted the job for the toys, the toys are the best part. Toys are so cool, it always makes me happy.

Any kind of toys, I could play with any kind of toys to discover them.

Q: What does your job entail?

A: Toys "R" Us is going to send me toys, then I'm going to play with them and find out what's so cool about them.

Then I'm going to go in an interview to talk about them to say what's cool about that toy, and help gift-givers find out what's the perfect toy for their child.

Q: Does your bilingualism help with that?

A: Yes, that's one of the advantages. I think it was me because I'm really dynamic, I love to talk, I love toys, it's something that makes me the best CPO.

Q: Tell us about how you had to keep your new job a secret.

A: Yeah that was really hard. I needed to keep the secret for one month and now i can release it and tell all my friends and my friends are all happy for me.

Actually, what I did for my friends [who] really asked me like every day, I told them, 'Oh, I have bad news. I'm not going to see you a lot... because I am the new chief play officer.' The other ones I just showed a little video in class.

Q: What if you don't like one of the toys?

A: I'm actually going to play with it, there's an element of fun in every toy. I have power just to give advice to gift-givers.