Toronto transit workers are rejecting proposed new uniforms because they look too much like those of the Montreal Canadiens.

The red and blue colour scheme is seen as a little too close to that of the Habs, and union president Bob Kinnear says TTC operators don't want to wear uniforms that remind them of the Toronto Maple Leafs' arch rivals.

"They just don't look good to begin with but the fact that they do reflect the Montreal Canadiens colour scheme has been very dissatisfying to our members here in Toronto," Kinnear told CBC's Daybreak Montreal.


New uniforms would replace the current grey and maroon motif. (Bob Reno)

The TTC is bringing in new uniforms next year with several options being considered.

Kinnear says he believes if the uniforms are imposed, his members will boycott the proposed red and blue striped golf shirts.


TTC union president says a proposed striped golf shirt is particularly disliked by employees. (Bob Reno)

He says the TTC has not confirmed it is moving forward with this colour scheme and is confident the uniforms will be redesigned.

"I think considering the overwhelming response from the employees, there's going to be some reconsidering," said Kinnear.

The TTC's current uniforms are grey slacks with a light blue shirt.


The TTC is bringing in new uniforms next year with several options being considered. (Bob Reno)

Kinnear defended the Maple Leafs' last playoff defeat in game 7 against the Boston Bruins, saying his TTC union members will support the home team regardless of past performances.  

"We're in a rebuilding process and we in Toronto like to look forward. We like to think about the future and move forward," he said. 

STM union rep proposes swap with TTC

A representative of the union representing Montreal bus and metro drivers said his members would gladly take the proposed uniforms for the Toronto drivers off the TTC's hands.

"They can ship them down here," said Tom Mouhteros.  "We've been wearing blue.  We never complained."

" All we were missing was the Toronto maple leaf, and we never complained," Mouhteros repeated."That's a good point: we supported them for so many years, they can support us."