Tinder may be one of the most popular dating smartphone apps currently on the market, but it’s got some real dogs on it.

Tinder app Rosie Animal Adoption

Rosie Animal Adoption is putting dogs on dating app Tinder to help raise awareness about adoption. (DentsuBos)

Take Gracie, for example. She recently came out of a bad relationship. Even so, she loves going out and socializing. She likes long walks, cuddles and belly rubs.

She’s a poodle, and she’s just a few kilometres away from you.

Rosie Animal Adoption and marketing company DentsuBos are behind the Tinder hack, which is called Tinderdoption.

"[Gracie’s] been on the site since last week and she’s been receiving a lot of messages… from people who are interested in her," said Zina Hussein of Rosie Animal Adoption.

Hussein told CBC Daybreak on Thursday that DentsuBos approached the rescue network with the idea of a new kind of campaign to get dogs adopted.

She doesn’t know whether Tinder is aware of the dogs, but she doesn’t see why the app’s makers would have a problem with their presence. Rosie’s is a non-profit organization and there’s no financial motive in advertising dogs on Tinder.

Besides, Hussein said there would be a maximum of 15 dogs online at one time. She thinks the stunt will, at the very least, raise awareness about the variety of rescue dogs available.

"You can find a great companion within the rescue network in Montreal," she said.

Mobile users: Listen to the CBC Daybreak interview here