Thousands in Quebec run in support of Boston victims

About 700 people, many of them in Boston Marathon gear, showed up at the base of Mount Royal this morning to support the marathon's organizers and the victims of this week's bombings.
Judith Adams ran the Boston Marathon twice and showed up to Mount Royal in the race's official colours. 1:29

About 700 people, many of them in Boston Marathon gear, showed up at the base of Mount Royal this morning to support the marathon’s organizers and the victims of this week’s bombings.

Those wearing blue and yellow — the colours of the Boston Marathon — had, for the most part, run in at least one Boston Marathon.

Peter Tiscione was among them, and he’d run in two, including this year’s.

He finished the marathon 25 to 30 minutes before the first bomb went off and only once he returned to his hotel did he learn what had happened.

His friend who came to cheer him on was 300 feet from the site of the first blast.

"It was really rough. It was emotional," he said.

Judith Adams wasn’t at this year’s Boston Marathon, but as an avid runner, had participated in past ones.

She was wearing her blue and yellow running gear in support, as well.

"I think of those people at the finishing line and I think of the families who are ready to welcome their family member," she said.

"I think of the runners who are physically and emotionally spent and are ready to cross that line, and I just feel like crying, because it was taken away from them."

Marc Cassivi, a journalist with La Presse and the organizer of the Montreal event, said earlier this week that today’s run was the local running community’s way of showing its support.

"I think we wanted to mark this tragedy in a way, and the most natural way of doing it is running together," he said.

In Quebec City, where a run departing from the Plains of Abraham took off at 11 a.m., runners were encouraged to wear white — the colour of peace.

"Yes, it’s a tragedy and it’s a very sad event, but it’s also an occasion to take care of each other," said Daniel Riou, the run’s organizer.

He ran in last year’s Boston Marathon, which attracts a number of Quebecers every year, and felt a personal connection to Monday’s tragic events.

"You can imagine yourself running there a year ago, so of course you feel some sort of connection," he said.

"We must show support to the organization of the Boston Marathon and the city of Boston."

All in a Weekend host Sonali Karnick spoke to runners Daniel Riou in Quebec City and Richard Beaulé in Montreal before today's events: