A CBC Montreal social media feature, 'This day in Montreal' takes a look back at some of the big stories that were making the news in the city over the decades, even centuries.

Starting on Jan. 1, a news story from the past will be featured on CBC Montreal's Facebook page every day, including photos or videos from our archives and other public archives in Montreal.

Here's a look at this week's posts:

Jan. 1, 1906: The Ouimetoscope opens

The Ouimetoscope opens in a converted cabaret hall at Saint Catherine and Montcalm streets. The Ouimetoscope was the first Canadian theatre dedicated exclusively to showing movies.


Jan. 2, 1918: Montreal Arena burns down

The original home of the Montreal Canadiens and the Montreal Wanderers, located at the corner Wood Avenue and Ste-Catherine Street, burns to the ground.

The Forum was later built one block away. The old arena is now the Alexis-Nihon shopping mall.

Jan. 3, 1988: Four new metro stations open

Four new metro stations open on the blue line.


Jan. 4, 1913: Winter Club is inaugurated

The indoor skating rink known as the Winter Club was considered Montreal's premiere figure skating club.

When it opened, the Montreal Gazette offered this description:

"The club house, which is, as yet, only partially furnished, is arranged with a large entrance hall on the ground floor, through to the rink, with a large comfortable locker-room on either side. On the first floor is a cloak room, a ladies' card-room, furnished with inlaid furniture of bird's-eye maple, stained a pale French grey and upholstered in rose-tinted French cretonne. There is also a large card-room, a tea-room, a luncheon-room and serving pantry."

Jan. 5, 1910: Les Canadiens play their first game

One month after the team was founded, the Montreal Canadiens take to the ice at the Jubilee Arena for their first official game.

They defeated the Cobalt Silver Kings 7-6. But the CHA folded soon after, and the NHA chose to restart the season after absorbing the CHA's Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Shamrocks.

The slate was wiped clean and the season restarted two weeks later.

montreal canadiens

Les Canadiens get a win for their first-ever game. (Montreal Canadiens)

Jan. 6, 1643: First Mount Royal cross is erected

The original cross on top of Mount Royal was erected by Montreal's founder, Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, who made a promise to build a tribute to God if the colony survived brutal floods.

Jan. 7, 1998: The ice storm intensifies

The ice storm of 1998 started out as a cold drizzle. But on Jan. 7, the storm hit its peak.


Jan. 8, 1964: Old Montreal named 'historical'

As the city develops rapidly in the 1960s, a strong push to preserve the city's architectural history emerges.

In 1964, the Quebec government designated Old Montreal a "historic neighbourhood."

Jan. 9, 1927: Laurier Theatre fire leads to casualties

A small fire in the Ste-Catherine Street theatre ends in tragedy as many of the hundreds of children watching a film are crushed in the panic to get out of the building. 

Laurier Theatre

Laurier Theatre was a popular spot to watched the latest movies. (Collection Cinémathèque Québécoise)

Jan. 10, 1998: Ice storm comes to an end

The famous ice storm finally comes to an end. The total destruction includes hundreds of transformers, 23,000 hydro poles and 80 kilometres of power lines.