A CBC Montreal social media feature, 'This day in Montreal' takes a look back at some of the big stories that were making the news in the city over the decades, even centuries.

Every day a news story from the past is featured on CBC Montreal's Facebook page, including photos or videos from our archives and other public archives in Montreal.

Here's a look at this week's posts:

March 7, 2011: Jeanne Mance is honoured

French nurse Jeanne Mance is officially recognized as the co-founder of the City of Montreal, more than 300 years after her death. 

March 8, 1937: Howie Morenz passes away

One of the most skilled players in the early years of the NHL never gets the proper chance to reach his full potential. 

Montreal Canadiens player Howie Morenz dies tragically of a heart attack while recovering from a vicious leg injury.

March 9, 1983: Royalty visits Montreal

Queen Elizabeth II invites the world to Vancouver's Expo 86.

March 10, 1999: Warning against cellphones

A Quebec consumer group warns against the use of cellphones because of the health risks from radiation. The group goes so far as even to urge people not to replace home phones with cellphones.

March 11, 1996: Goodbye Montreal Forum

Montreal hockey fans bid adieu to the Montreal Forum, the city's beloved home of hockey.

March 12, 2002: Jean-Paul Riopelle dies

1952 abstract by Riopelle

Grande fête is an abstract work by Jean-Paul Riopelle, completed in 1952. (Heffel)

World-renowned and rebellious artist Jean-Paul Riopelle passes away. The decision to have his funeral at a church becomes quite controversial.

March 13, 1992: McGill goes full Star Trek

McGill University students go where no students have gone before and vote to rename the student union building the Shatner building — after William Shatner, McGill's most famous graduate.

Trekkies of the city rejoice.