Tens of thousands of protesters marched in Montreal and Quebec City's streets in protest against the Couillard government's belt-tightening.

They protested austerity measures introduced by Philippe Couillard's government, including fee restructuring for the province's subsidized daycare program, and cuts to medical care, social services and education.

The organizers of the Montreal protest submitted the itinerary ahead of time, and as of 3:15 p.m., no arrests had been made and no injuries were reported.

The main group wrapped up the protest at Place des Festivals, at Place-des-Arts. The group was so large that it took them approximately two-and-a-half hours to complete the two-kilometre route.

A group of protesters split off from the main contingent and began marching east of Place des Festivals.

Const. Laurent Gingras of Montreal police said the second group consisted of a couple hundred people, and although they had not submitted their itinerary ahead of time, were not doing anything dangerous or illegal.