Police on Montreal's south shore say they've broken up a teenage prostitution ring that recruited girls from foster homes and group centres.

Five men were arrested, including three brothers, who police say were connected to the ring that preyed on teenage girls in the youth protection system.

Investigators with the Longueuil and Rousillon police forces say at least four victims, aged 16-18, have been identified, although they suspect there are more who haven't come forward.

The suspects approached the girls at group homes, bought them presents and gave them money before offering them a place to stay, said Gaétan Durocher, a Longueuil police spokesman.

After atime the girls were forced into motel sex work, and stripping at south shore dance clubs.

The suspects allegedly fashioned fake ID for the girls, and were planning to take them out of Quebec, Durocher said. "It's a really sad story for the young girls, and I know they're vulnerable."

The five suspects arrested Thursday were charged with several counts including exploitation for the purpose of prostitution, pimping and sexual assault.

Police say more arrests are expected in coming days.