Montreal police are asking for the public's help in identifying a suspect in connection with taxi fraud.

The suspect, a man in his 30s, has allegedly stolen more than $35,000 from his victims since last November.

Police believe that he is either a taxi driver or the accomplice of a taxi driver in downtown Montreal.

The suspect is accused of using a special machine to identify customers' PIN numbers and then stealing their debit cards, while handing back a look-alike card.

After the transaction, the suspect would then withdraw money from ATMs.

The man is about 5-10" and has dark, short hair. He speaks French and police believe he could be of North African or Middle Eastern descent.

He was seen wearing a dark coat with a fur hood. Police say he would sometimes wear a baseball cap with either glasses or sunglasses.

Montreal police believe there have been more than 13 victims in connection with the fraud.

Last year, they made arrests in another taxi fraud case involving debit cards

Sgt. Laurent Gingras, a spokesperson for Montreal police, said the two cases may be related.

"Our investigators are working to make sure that all possible leads are followed," Gingras said. "Is there a link between the two suspects that were arrested in October and this one? It's a possibility."