A Montreal bakery has just the Valentine's Day gift for the romantic partner who has everything: erotic cookies, that come in all shapes, sizes – and sexual positions.

The financial advisor-turned-baker, Isabelle Quinn, calls her cookies "Kama Sucré."

"It's kama sutra positions in cookies, in a special dough that we do," Quinn said. 

The "special dough" is shortbread, laced with all-natural "aphrodisiac" flavourings such as cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, star anise and ginger.

As for the shapes, Quinn found the cookie cutters on the internet and ordered them from Finland.

She started off two years ago making cookies in the shape of sexy lingerie – a treat for her boyfriend.

"It's two pleasures," Quinn said.  "The eyes' pleasure and the creativity to imagine and say – hmm – I don't do this in my life....getting a little spicy on Valentine's Day."

Among the other erotic treats she has hidden behind the counter at her one–year–old bakery — chocolate penises.

Quinn has been baking since her grandmother taught her at nine, but only opened her bakery, Sweet Isabelle, at 40.

She has sage advice for her customers on this romantic of days.

"Just be present to where love is," Quinn said.  "Even in a cookie."