Montreal police are still searching for a male suspect who took part in a home invasion overnight in Lachine.

André Leclerc of Montreal police says a 62-year-old man answered his doorbell just after 2 a.m. at his apartment on 33rd Avenue near Victoria Street.

"The suspect rushed into the apartment and struck him, struck him with a blunt object," Leclerc said.

"The suspect was asking for money. The victim managed to fight back and the suspect left the apartment without anything."

Leclerc says it's possible the suspect was not at the right address.

The victim was not badly hurt in the altercation.

Police searched the neighbourhood, but couldn't find the suspect.

Leclerc says they are looking for a muscular white male in his twenties who is about six feet tall. He was wearing a black jacket and spoke in English.

If found, the suspect could face charges of armed robbery causing bodily harm.