Most Montrealers who use public transit will pay more for their commute starting in the new year.

As of Jan. 1, the price of a standard STM monthly pass will rise from $77 to $79.50.

A weekly pass will go up from $23.75 to $24.50.

A ticket to get on the 747 bus from downtown Montreal to the airport will go up a dollar — from $9 to $10.

For students and seniors, the price of a monthly pass will go from $45 to $47.50.

The price of a single fare remains unchanged at $3.

STM fares: 2013 vs. 2014

Type of fare

Price in 2013

Price in 2014

Single ticket



2 tickets



10 tickets



Unlimited Evenings 
(6 p.m. to 5 a.m.)






Unlimited Weekend






Weekly CAM
(Monday - Sunday)



Monthly CAM



747 Trudeau Airport



(monthly pass for Montreal, Laval & Longueuil)



Vice-chair of the STM Marvin Rotrand says Montrealers are still getting a good deal.

“"We will remain among the lowest fares in North America and the lowest of the major networks in Quebec," Rotrand said.

STM officials say the fare hikes are necessary to make up for a $16-million budget shortfall.

But the opposition party Projet Montréal is worried the hikes are too significant, and will dissuade Montrealers from using public transit.

“It's a little bit too much for us. In our opinion, we should not raise STM fees higher than inflation," said Projet Montréal councillor Craig Sauvé.

Service cuts too?

STM officials say they still don’t know how much money the public transit corporation will get from the city of Montreal — the city has delayed releasing its 2014 budget until February.

Rotrand says if the STM doesn't get the increase it asked for, it may have to cut services in addition to increasing its fees.