STM bus driver accused of abandoning elderly woman who fell off bus

The STM is investigating allegations that one of its employees drove off after an 84-year-old woman fell while trying to get off the bus.

84-year-old recovering in hospital from fractured cheek bone, broken wrist

Karen McEwen explains what happened when her mother fell off a city bus. 1:40

A Montreal woman is demanding answers after her 84-year-old mother fell off an STM bus.

Karen McEwen told CBC's Willy Lowry that her mother took the 105 bus on Saturday afternoon to pick up some medication. 

When the bus stopped at the corner of Sherbrooke Street and Prud'homme Avenue, McEwen says the driver didn't lower the ramp.

So her mother, Katherine Gimple McEwen, had to jump onto the sidewalk. 

Katherine Gimple McEwen, 84, is recovering in hospital from several broken bones after she fell while trying to get off an STM bus. (Facebook)

"She ended up smashing a construction pole ... and she fell from there and she was kind of in shock," McEwen says.

"She was dazed kind of because it was quite a hard fall, especially for someone at 84 years old." 

She says her mother told her all the bus driver did was lean on his wheel, look out the door, and as soon as a passerby stopped to help, he closed the door and drove off.

The good Samaritan  a young man — helped her mom to McEwen's home — not far away.

"She showed up at my house, she was crying, in tears. Her left side of her face, swollen ... and her wrist was swollen also and she said 'I'm in so much pain, Karen,'" McEwen says.

Three days later, the 84-year-old is still recovering in hospital from a fractured cheek bone, a broken wrist and several bruises.

McEwen has filed a complaint with the STM and has filed a report with police.

An STM spokesperson confirmed they are looking into the incident, but would not comment on the incident since the investigation is ongoing.