St-Isidore grapples with Béatrice and Médora Godin's deaths

About 50 parents from the elementary school of Béatrice Godin attended a grief-counselling meeting Thursday to learn how to talk to their children about the girl’s death.

Grief counsellor called in to help stunned Quebec community deal with quadruple homicide

Béatrice Godin, 11, was shot Saturday in a home in St-Isidore along with her 13-year-old sister Médora. Béatrice survived the attack but died Wednesday of her injuries. (Facebook)

About 50 parents and members of the St-Isidore, Que., community attended a grief-counselling meeting Thursday to learn how to talk to their children about a quadruple homicide that left young sisters Béatrice and Médora Godin dead.

Béatrice,11, and Médora, 13, as well as mother Nancy Samson and the mother’s boyfriend Benoit Daigle, were shot during a family drama on Saturday in St-Isidore and Ste-Croix, Que.

The younger sister survived the attack but died of her injuries Wednesday.

The local health agency hired grief counsellor Lynne Pion to help parents, grandparents and teachers learn how to deal with the homicide that took place last weekend in the small southern Quebec communities.

The high school locker of Médora Godin, 13, is covered in thoughtful notes from her classmates who are mourning her death. (Facebook)
Pion said parents need to reassure their children they are safe and that they love them. However, she said children need to know the truth — just the facts, without judgment.

Béatrice was found unconscious inside a home in St-Isidore, next to her sister who had already died from her injuries. Both had been shot.

The girls’ father, Martin Godin, is the police’s main suspect in the case. He is still in hospital in critical condition after also being shot.

The girls’ mother and her boyfriend had been shot dead in Ste-Croix, about 70 kilometres away, the same day.

Nathalie Hamel was one of the parents in attendance at the meeting at St-Isidore’s sportsplex.

“It helped because we feel a bit more reassured, more capable of speaking to them,” she said, referring to her 5- and 16-year-old children.

Hamel said she was angry at what happened and that her children have been exposed to such a traumatic event.

Students grieving

Marlène Demers, the principal at the elementary school Béatrice attended, said the girl’s classmates have absorbed the events of last weekend with surprising maturity.

Demers said she was bowled over by one of the students who told her that Béatrice’s spirit would be with them always after the announcement of her death was made at the school.

At l’Eau-Vive, a private high school in Neufchâtel, near Quebec City, Médora’s locker is covered in notes from classmates expressing their memories of her and their feelings about her death.

The Sûreté du Québec is continuing its investigation. No arrests have been made so far.

Several Facebook pages have been set up in to remember sisters Béatrice and Médora Godin, who were shot on Saturday in St-Isidore, Que. (Facebook)