Transports Québec is being called on to make Highway 116 safer where it crosses De Bourcherville Boulevard in St-Bruno after 13-year-old girl Julianne Riendeau was fatally injured by a car while trying to cross on her bike last month.

The Mayor of St-Bruno, Martin Murray, says Transports Québec should lower the speed limit from 90 km/h to at least 70 km/h at the intersection where Riendeau was hit on July 25.

She died in hospital.

The department, however, says their analysis of the speed limit did not find that it was a problem and it sees no reason to reduce it.

Murray says another fix needed at the intersection is the crossing light for cyclists, which he said does not give them enough time to get across the multiple lanes of traffic.

“There aren’t enough seconds to cross that space,” he told CBC News.

Cyclist William Sinko told CBC News that he agrees with Murray.

“I think especially for young children crossing here the length of the light is not very long, so I think it could be adjusted so that it gives everyone a chance to cross safely,” he said.

Transports Québec says it's still looking into whether or not the light’s timing should be extended.