Mayor Denis Coderre wants to impose stricter speed limits across Montreal as part of an effort to make the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. 

Under the changes, which would go into effect next spring, vehicles would be limited to 30 or 40 kilometres per hour on most city streets — includes sections on major arteries near school zones and playgrounds.

"Studies show that if we want to protect the population, the speed limit must be reduced," Coderre said Tuesday.

Aref Salem, the member of the city's executive committee responsible for transport, said the changes are part of stated policy "Vision Zero," aimed at limiting injuries and deaths on the roads.

Here's a breakdown of the speed limit by type of street.

20 kilometres per hour:

  • Some streets in Old Montreal. Others in Old Montreal will have a 30 kilometre per hour limit.

30 kilometres per hour: 

  • Neighbourhood streets in residential areas.
  • Areas in front of school zones and in front of playgrounds.
  • Commercial streets with one lane per direction.

40 kilometres per hour: 

  • Streets in industrial areas.

50 kilometres per hour

  • Major arteries that run through multiple boroughs.