The Montreal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is warning the provincial government if it does not rescue animals from a Montérégie farm, the organization will take legal action.

The St-Jude fur farm was in the spotlight earlier this month, after the SPCA accused it of mistreating foxes and mink.

Last week, hundreds of mink were released from the farm, after an intruder broke in and opened cages. The break-in is still under investigation. 

The SPCA said it has sent a letter to Quebec Minister of Forests, Wildlife and Parks Laurent Lessard, to warn him to step in.  

"The ministry has the responsibility to protect wildlife in captivity; they have the power to seize animals," said Sophie Gaillard, a laywer for the SPCA.

"It's certainly something that can be done, so we really don't understand why it's not happening, especially with all the assistance that's been offered both in terms of expertise and financial resources."

The SPCA believes the animals need urgent and costly veterinary care, which it says the farm isn't able to offer on site.