Nevek Rancourt's presence on the ski hills of Quebec rarely goes unnoticed.

His skills, they're developing. His balance needs some work.

But that's to be expected given that he's still in diapers and part of his snowboarding gear is a pacifier.

The 18-month-old is one of the youngest boarders most have seen chugging up the lift  to head down the bunny hill.

"I'm going on a different hill every week so I want to bring him and his sister everywhere I go," said Keven Rancourt, Nevek's father, who started snowboarding himself at eight-years-old.

"He loves it."

Navek has been out tearing down the slopes for an hour a week since the start of the season.

His sister, three-year-old Abygaelle, started her own snowboarding career last year.

"She's the one asking, because he doesn't talk yet, 'When are we going snowboarding?'" Keven Rancourt said.

The kids are stars on the slopes, and quickly attract attention when they strap in to their pint-sized boards.

"They're impressed," Keven Rancourt says of those who pause to watch his son. "They're always asking, 'How old is he?'"