Quebec city may have an ice hotel, but Montreal is reportedly getting its own snow village.

The park, which will be built on Île Sainte-Hélène, will feature igloos, an ice hotel, a restaurant with seating for more than 100, a heated igloo, a convention centre and an ice chapel for weddings.

A flyer for the park emerged on Twitter earlier this week.

It promised a replica of the city made entirely out of ice and snow.

The chain of hotels behind the project has already had success with the concept in Finland and Norway.

The Finnish company that owns them is said to be teaming up with three Quebec businessmen to launch the project here. A website for the project has been set up, but it isn’t live yet.

The company has reportedly already signed a deal with the City of Montreal. 

The chilly resort will also offer snowshoeing, dog sledding, sliding and live shows.

The snow village concept is new to Quebec, but has been tried elsewhere.

The official announcement is expected early next week and the park will be open from January until March.

Quebec City’s famous ice hotel was founded in 2001.

Last year, it changed location moving from the Station Touristique Duchesnay to the old site of the Quebec Zoo.

It is slated to open to visitors on Jan. 6.