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Should insurance companies have the right to refuse to cover foster families?

CBC listeners speak out, after a family was denied home insurance because it has more than 2 foster children.

Montreal mother with 5 foster children outraged after Wawanesa cancels her home insurance

A Montreal woman says she was floored when she found out her insurance company, Wawanesa, was going to cancel her home insurance because she has more than 2 foster children. (CBC)

On Wednesday, CBC's Homerun spoke with a mother who was refused home insurance because she has too many foster children. 

Wawanesa refused to comment on the specific case, but Wawanesa's marketing manager said the company's rules are clear: "Our underwriting rule for households which house foster children is that we insure homes with two or less foster children."

The story sparked a flood of comments from you online and on air. 

Here's what some of you had to say.

"These lovely people that are taking in children that are being passed from household to household, they should be helped not penalized for their big hearts."

— Margaret Bentham, member of a family with six adopted children, Radio Noon caller

"I would be changing insurance companies!! That is a disgrace!!"

— Heather Cook-Portelance, Facebook

"It's a business decision. Just as we can decide who to do business with, the company can also decide who it takes on or retains as a customer. Is the decision fair? Not knowing the insurance business I can't say."

— Ken Quinn, Facebook

"They have clearly tarnished their reputation with this and this will reduce their client base for the educated few ... I am sure that they sleep just fine so long as it does not affect their digital wallets."

— Mirella Montreal, Facebook