More bike paths? Longer crossing times for pedestrians? Rules about when and where truckers can travel through the city? 

What do you think would make sharing Montreal's roads safer? 

On Friday between 5 and 6 p.m. on CBC radio, Homerun's Sue Smith is hosting a special hour of programming: the Share the Road panel.

For one hour, she'll bring cyclists, drivers, urban planners and elected officials together to talk about what can be done to ensure everyone can travel throughout this city as safely as possible. At the same time, join us online to participate in a web chat hosted by Daybreak traffic reporter Monique Lacombe

Tune in to 88.5 FM to hear from:

  • Jeff Davison, a veteran trucker who takes regular trips through downtown traffic in an 18-wheeler truck; 
  • Gabrielle Anctil, an experienced city cyclist; 
  • Ahmed El-Geneidy, a transportation specialist from the McGill School of Urban Planning; and 
  • Aref Salem, the executive committee member responsible for transportation in Montreal. 

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Share the road

What do you think would make sharing Montreal's roads safer?