Kindergarten students at an elementary school near Quebec City will be among the first in the province to be taught sex education under a provincial pilot project.

The trial program, which is in its second year, outlines a number of subjects that must be taught including the proper name for male and female sexual anatomy, the stages of conception all the way through until birth, how to describe feelings and the different types of family structures that exist in modern society.

Quebec's Ministry of Education says the children will receive three hours of sex ed between January and April.

Marlene Demers, principal of Barabé-Drouin elementary in Saint-Isidore, said parents were told of the plan at the beginning of the year and the response so far has been positive.

"They say they're happy because with all that [children] hear and with everything on television and in the world, we need to talk about sexuality, that our youth are well informed," said Demers.

Teachers at the school will undergo training in December to familiarise themselves with the ministry's material.

Marlene Demers Barabé-Drouin elementary

Marlene Demers, principal of Barabé-Drouin elementary, said that the sex-ed course is beneficial for students and that parents are in favour.

Carole Pageau, the school's spiritual life animator and organizer of the sex-ed program, said the content will be adapted for the age of the children.

Pageau said it's a matter of introducing the subject and making sure they have basic knowledge for when they are older.

She also believes the course could help children explain themselves when they are in danger.

"If one day they need to talk, if they use the right words, adults will be able to listen and understand what they want to say," said Pageau.

kindergarten classroom sign

The school says teachers will undergo training in December to familiarise themselves with the ministry’s material for the sex-ed class. (Radio-Canada)

This is the second and final year of the pilot project. Nineteen schools across the province were included.

Students in grades one, three, and five received sex ed last year. The same students will continue to receive sex ed this year.

Once the project ends, the ministry will decide whether or not to expand sex ed to all schools.

With files from Radio-Canada