A group representing private seniors' residences (RQRA) in Quebec says the government's plans to tighten the rules for security measures and training for staff at seniors' homes could force some places to shut down.

Quebec Health Minister Réjean Hébert said laws around security at seniors' homes would be tightened.

On Wednesday, he announced the implementation of mandatory training for staff, an emergency call system and a log of accidents and incidents in seniors' homes.

He said these residences "sell security," to seniors and that if some of them cannot conform to the rules, they could be forced to shut down.

RQRA president Yves Desjardins said the association is "extremely disappointed" by the government's decision.

He said he does not understand how private residences will be able to implement the new rules because of the price tag.

According to him, a quarter of residences run a deficit and may already not survive 2013.

About 113,000 seniors live in some of the 2,100 residences across the province.