Sometimes, the truth seems to lend itself perfectly to satire.

In the case of Montreal’s Pastagate, poking fun at the controversy may be the best way to digest a serious topic. That's at least according to those who packed a Pastagate-themed comedy night organized at the restaurant where it all started.

"I think the healthiest societies are societies that can laugh at themselves," said comedian Franco Taddeo.

Last night, Buonanotte, the restaurant at the centre of the Pastagate affair, held a sold-out comedy night centred around the flap with Quebec’s language watchdog that gained international notoriety.

Organizer Sonya Mullins said the event was about more than just social satire. It was also about amending the image of Quebec’s anglophones.

"We’re tired of being represented in the media and politically as angryphones – we're not," she said.

"We want to take something negative and laugh."