The snow outside is not deterring some gardeners from sowing their seeds this weekend.

Seedy Saturday was held yesterday in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue at which eager gardeners were able to procure seeds to start their summer planting early.

"If you are starting seeds indoors, you do have to start in March, which is just around the corner,” said event organizer Tereska Gesing.

“So, it’s a great time to be planning what kind of vegetables you want in your backyard."

Montreal’s Botanical Gardens hosts a similar event, but organizers noticed many people from the West Island weren’t willing to cross the city to buy their seeds.

“We came to do a Seedy Saturday event out in the West Island because there’s a really great Seedy Saturday, or fête des semences, at the Botanical Gardens every year but we felt, and a lot of the local seed suppliers felt, that people from Ste-Anne’s, from the West Island, from Vaudreuil weren’t necessarily making the trip all the way out east," Gesing said.

"So we wanted to bring the excitement about gardening and that connection with local seed vendors out to the West Island,” she continued.

Based on this year's success, Gesing said organizers will likely hold the West Island event again next year.