The Roman Catholic Church in Montreal has a message for motorists crossing the city's aging Champlain Bridge: Say Your Prayers.

The Archdiocese of Montreal has put up a highway billboard with that very message.

Spokeswoman Lucie Martineau said the sign voices the church's position on the future of the 49-year-old bridge, which has become a hot federal election issue in the region.

She said there's nothing morbid about the ad because authorities have assured the public there is no danger the Champlain will suddenly collapse.

The state of the Champlain Bridge has become a big topic ever since reports quoted two experts saying parts of the bridge could collapse in the event of an earthquake.

The Conservatives have since pledged $158 million for urgent repairs to the Champlain Bridge, while the Liberals have promised to replace it.

Meantime, the archdiocese is also hoping the billboard will draw attention to the church and encourage people to fill up collection plates over Easter.